Rekey Locks

What should you do now that you must rekey locks in Calgary, Alberta? You should contact our locksmith company. Rekeying locks correctly presupposes knowledge, expertise, good training, and having the right tools. When you turn to Calgary Locksmith for service, you can be sure of the experience, qualifications, and overall skills of all field pros. You can also be certain of how well the service vans are equipped. And so, the needed locks are rekeyed correctly on the spot. What’s the point of risking the lock rekey service when Calgary specialists are standing before you?

Expert locksmiths swiftly rekey locks in Calgary

Rekey Locks Calgary

Locks that can be rekeyed are rekeyed promptly and correctly. You just need to tell us about your needs and book the service. The most experienced locksmiths in Calgary rekey locks as soon as you want the service.

The main job includes replacing the pins and the configuration of the new pins. And so, there’s a need for key change. The whole point is to make sure the original key cannot be inserted into the keyhole due to the new pin configuration. And by extension, prevent a potential intrusion. And so, it’s no strange that often, locks must be rekeyed when their keys are found in the wrong hands – usually stolen.

So, let us ask: do you need emergency lock rekey? If so, don’t wait. Contact our locksmith company as soon as you can, aware that we handle such urgent situations around the clock and promptly. A pro equipped with key replacement products and all the necessary locksmith tools will soon come out.

Want a master key system? Let’s talk about your lock rekey needs

Locks are rekeyed all the times you need to operate them with different keys than the original ones. And it makes sense to rekey locks only when they are in excellent condition and thus, there’s no need for lock replacement.

With that said, let us also point out that our team sends locksmiths to rekey locks when these locks must be involved in a master key system. Let’s say that you want such a system set up or an existing design expanded. If some locks are okay and shouldn’t be replaced, they are rekeyed to work with a specific master key.

Whether you want door locks or file cabinet locks rekeyed and whether you need service urgently or not, contact our team. The job is done affordably, provided quickly, and is carried out by qualified locksmiths who come out well-equipped to rekey locks in Calgary. Contact us for further information or to book service.